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Allegis Group Realizes Sevenfold Productivity Gain with Vivantio ITSM Tool



One of the world’s largest privately held staffing companies experiences dramatic operational savings and a 70% reduction in service calls utilizing Vivantio’s service management solution.



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  • One of the largest privately held staffing companies in the world.

  • A $12.3 billion global leader in
    talent solutions.

  • More than 8,000 internal employees and 90,000 contract employees.






The Need

With over twenty years of recruitment and staffing expertise across the world, Allegis Group has earned itself a reputation for providing professional talent with the skills and expertise that businesses need to thrive. The company is renowned for its market specific focus and, most importantly, its dedication to customer satisfaction.

The service desk that enables customers to email queries to Allegis plays a big role in delivering that level of customer service. Until recently, however, Allegis found that its team was being held back by outdated and cumbersome service desk software.

The turnaround came when Allegis Group’s UK service desk department decided to look for a service desk solution to replace an ageing Remedy system. Neil Davies, service delivery manager, Allegis Group, explains the issues which led to a need to replace the old system:

“Calls had to be logged manually and then relevant staff informed of the job and asked to react. Understandably with this degree of manual reporting and communication, breaks in the chain were happening. Some calls weren’t being logged effectively and it was taking too long to resolve customer problems.”

“Time delays in turn were creating a lot of additional customer calls chasing progress and this volume of calls was keeping our first line support staff away from key task of performing the fixes,” Davies adds

“This was leading to inbound calls being passed onto our second line support team who were sometimes being forced into a position of dealing with problems that frankly they should not have had to deal with. There was frustration and lack of efficiency everywhere.”


The Solution

After a year-long investigation, Allegis Group chose The Vivantio Platform. The solution enables customers to email in queries and be automatically assigned a reference number, leading in turn to enquiry routing through to the relevant Allegis Group support contact. The result has been a cut in resolution times that has transformed the customer experience almost overnight. “We also found customer call volumes dropped by as much as 70 per cent as they gained confidence through receipt of automated emails indicating progress of their enquiry,” says Davies.

Allegis Group has also been impressed by the reporting capability of Vivantio, enabling management to understand quickly how many calls have been handled and how many are resolved within Service Level Agreements. Vivantio’s reporting also offers the facility to check loading levels per operative.

In addition, Allegis Group has found Vivantio’s built-in knowledge-base, together with ‘known issues’ write-ups, are great aids to resolving queries rapidly. Because this area of the system can be made available to relevant customers, it has also enabled a greater degree of self-service.

“The watchword with Vivantio is ease-of-use and a passion to work with you to make sure the system is meeting your needs,” says Davies. “We get very rapid reaction if we ask for new functionality. The savings have also been dramatic. What we might have spent in one week working with a competitor product we will spend in our first year working with Vivantio. We are also finding that because the system is so intuitive I can perform changes such as adding new customers to the system without involving Vivantio at all.”

Davies adds that he was particularly impressed by Vivantio’s speed of deployment:

“Vivantio engineers were able to configure and populate the system rapidly which meant that from making our decision to go with Vivantio to ‘go live’ took just 10 days. We literally turned off the old system within two weeks – it was an incredibly easy transition.”

Following the success of this deployment, Allegis has since expanded its use of the Vivantio platform into other departments across the group.



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