ITIL For Customer Service 

It's Not Just For IT Anymore.

Learn how customer service teams can leverage the power of ITSM and ITIL to meet and exceed customer expectations while delivering a superior experience.


ITIL For Customer Service - It's Not Just For IT Anymore

ITIL has been instrumental in the evolution of ITSM over the last 40 years and the improvement of service management for IT services. But service management is no longer solely the domain of ITSM.

This webinar will cover the evolution of ITIL and the ability to adopt ITIL for non-IT services specifically around customer service management, enterprise service management and IT service management.  To access the video, just click on the image. 

In this webinar, we covered:

  • How ITSM and ITIL are defined
  • Why now is the time to use the ITIL framework for customer service
  • How ITIL can contribute to a customer service experience that creates competitive advantages
  • The difference between an ITSM tool that can be used for customer service and one that can't
  • Must-have features in an ITSM tool for customer service management

Speakers Include Industry Experts


Stephen Mann

Stephen is Principal and Content Director at the ITSM-focused industry analyst firm, Along with being an independent marketing content creator and frequent blogger on the topics of IT and IT service management, he also presents on the challenges and opportunities for service management professionals.


Andy Walsh

A 25-year IT veteran and Chief Operating Officer of Vivantio, Andy brings both a strong software development background and deep knowledge in IT service management.


Why You Don't Want to Miss This

Now, more than ever, customer delivery and service teams need the tools to do more than just incident management resolution - they need to deliver service, support, cross-sell and upsell customers by delivering a superior customer experience.



Increased Customer Expectations

73% of B2B executives say that customer expectations for more personalized experiences is higher now than ever.


Focus on
Customer Experience

Focusing on the customer experience, starting from front-end sales to ongoing support, can increase revenue by 5% to 10%.


Optimize Service with the
Right Tools

91% of executives say that they expect their business partners to play a more significant role in their operations.