Welcome to Vivantio Voice: Our latest round up of service management tips, trends, best practices and more! 

Our latest collection of service management tips, trends, best practices and more! 


Transform Your B2B Customer Service

Businesses that adopt a customer-centric strategy see every other aspect of their business benefit exponentially. If you're not already making progress, the gap could prove fatal. Find out more about what Vivantio is doing to support growing B2B Customer Service Teams.

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IT Lessons Provide Blueprint for Customer Service 

Industries from energy grids to law firms are rapidly waking up to the tangible benefits of amping-up their customer service capabilities—with a focus on evidence-based methodologies. Smart enterprises are realizing that lessons from the IT world provide a ready-made blueprint for Service Optimization.



New Service Management Suite Launched

We recently announced a new product suite specifically developed to meet and scale with the needs of growing B2B service firms.  Read more about it at Customer Service



Webinar Replay: Rethinking Customer Service

89% of CEOs believe they now compete on service. But only a fraction have optimized for service excellence.  Discover why a Service Optimization Solution could put you in an "uncatchable" competitive position for the foreseeable future with this webinar now available on demand.  

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Listen To This

We're excited to announce that Vivantio has launched a podcast! Each month, we'll bring you the latest updates on Service Management solutions, software, innovations and interviews with smart people.  This month, Stephen Mann and Andy Walsh discuss the power of ITSM and ITIL to meet and exceed customer expectations.  

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Doggie Days

Meet Chloe, a 7-year old Red Healer mix belonging to one of our newest Vivantio employees, Director of Digital Marketing Todd Carruth.  Chloe likes tummy rubs, cold weather and laying on beds she's not supposed to be on.  Look for more fun pet pics from our hard working Vivantio team in each issue of Vivantio Voice. 


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